William Chevarie - 2019 Winning Essay

I want to help end our dependence on industrial animal agriculture by developing and democratizing cellular agriculture, or the multiplication of animal myoblastin in vitro. The aim is to obtain meat for human consumption, without animal suffering and with a drastic reduction in the equivalent environmental footprint.

After learning of its existence, I devoured all the literature I could find on the subject. I attended the first international conference on the subject in San Francisco. This experience allowed me to assess the current state of the environment and the likelihood of potential success of the technology. So I chose to lead my career plan with the intention of being a part of it.

Since there is no program of study in this area at Laval University or in Canada and the industry is still in its infancy, I have decided that I will do tailor-made training. I selected a list of courses from the other faculties of the university and convinced the departments to let me follow these without the necessary prerequisites.

The intermediate goal is to acquire the knowledge that allows me to transition from a bachelor's degree in food science to a master's degree in cellular and molecular biology and ultimately to find or create a doctoral project specifically in cellular agriculture. I aspire to work as a researcher and advance this cause until consumers have the option of meat produced more sustainably and without the ethical burden. I would also like to teach to pass on my knowledge to the next generation.