The Art Sparrow Memorial Scholarship

Art Sparrow

The Art Sparrow Memorial Scholarship was named in memory of a prominent member of Mensa Canada, and a man of great integrity. He had high expectations for himself and for others, and saw life as a source of perpetual learning.

He was always willing to help members of Mensa who wished to increase their knowledge and improve their lot in life through continuing education. He assisted others both financially and as a mentor. Art would always find time to encourage, advise or inform his fellow Mensa members whenever asked.

Art received and expected the best from everyone. He had many hobbies, including car rallies, climbing and piloting aircraft. He was a builder by profession and was known in the Toronto construction industry as "the good estimator". Art joined Mensa in 1967.

When Art left us, his family decided to perpetuate his philosophy and beliefs by providing a grant to Mensa in his name. The Art Sparrow Memorial Scholarship was established to recognize students who have overcome substantial difficulties in order to continue their studies.