Ana Brennan - Dissertation du lauréat, 2020

Ana Brennan

Throughout several of my CO-OP work terms with the University of Ottawa I was given the opportunity to design various research devices for use in the field of women’s health research. These experiences motivated me pursue a career in the design of medical devices with a focus on the field of women’s health. In my pursuit of this career, I have identified several key goals. One of my key goals is to complete my Master’s program summa cum laude.

Through my Master’s I will design a medical device to track treatment progress in women with pelvic floor disorders. I will further my design skills working with my co-supervisors, a mechanical engineer with a focus on device design and a clinician with relevant experience in treating pelvic floor disorders and with a PhD in electrical engineering.

I currently have one provisional patent with my current Master’s thesis co-supervisor and also plan to patent the device designed through my Master’s research. Once I have completed my Master’s degree I will focus on finding a job which allows me to design devices, ideally medical, and will contribute to my required experience to obtain my designation as a Profession Engineer. With this designation I will be able to start my own business in the design of at home and clinical medical devices. It is through this work that I hope to increase the treatment success for pelvic floor disorders and continue working in a field which I enjoy.