Nick Santella - Dissertation du lauréat, 2017

Nick Santella

Tradesmen have always been an important part of society. Although they have not always been seen as important as a doctor, lawyer or even teacher, the need for the different tradesmen has always been there.

As the years move further into the future and advances get made, there are new discoveries in all aspects of technology and in all job and career settings. Many people worry about their jobs and the certainty of their careers, but there will always be a need for someone to help them fix something in homes, whether it be their electricity, plumbing or heating. I want to be one of those people that the population can rely on to help them.

I have chosen to pursue Heating, ventilation and air conditioning because I feel that there will always be a need for these amenities in the future. I enjoy working with my hands and helping people at the same time. I am presently in my second semester of my first year at Durham College in the HVAC program. I am enjoying it immensely and would like to eventually open up my own business in our small rural town. I plan on finishing the year, continuing on next year to get my Gas 2 license. I would also like to take some business management courses for when I have enough experience to open my own business.

This scholarship would certainly help me attain my future dreams of becoming a licensed HVAC technician.