Jean Simon Lemay - Dissertation du lauréat, 2017

Jean Simon Lemay

I am a graduate student in pure mathematics currently in the final stages of finishing my master’s and hoping to begin my PhD in September at the University of Calgary. I have always had a passion for mathematics since a very young age and during my post-secondary education I have developed a love for both research and teaching. My goal is to become a university professor to continue both my passions of teaching and researching mathematics.

Calculus is one of the most important, successful and applicable developments of mathematics with applications throughout all of science, economics and engineering. My research involves abstracting calculus so that we may apply it to new fields such as algebra, geometry, logic, combinatorics, programming, game theory and quantum physics. I have presented my research at multiple conferences, including some plenary talks, and I am in the process of writing several papers. My research is part of a bigger project that primarily involves professors from Canadian universities.

I strongly believe that a good teacher or TA who enjoys teaching is essential for students in any math class. I have found that many professors and graduate students in pure mathematics do not care about properly teaching students. Wanting to reverse this trend, I put in a lot of effort for the classes and students that I TA for, which has me won three excellence of TA awards. During my PhD, I will take the necessary extra steps and courses to be allowed to teach a full course.