Jordan Squair - Dissertation du lauréat, 2016

Jordan Squair

Individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) often demonstrate remarkable optimism, despite dramatic changes in their ability to move, feel, and control their bodily functions. My firsthand experiences working with these individuals in the clinic and at Paralympic events over the past five years have inspired me to dedicate my career to improving their quality of life. As an MD/PhD student at the University of British Columbia, I am preparing myself for a career that involves both caring for patients with this debilitating condition, and researching new treatments to discover a cure.

In my time working with individuals with SCI, I have accumulated a diverse array of experiences and skills that will help me realize my dreams of finding a cure. I have been extensively involved in both basic and clinical research, where I have published thirteen peer-reviewed manuscripts on SCI and gained expertise in specific surgical, histological, and clinical assessments.

Further, I completed an MSc in SCI research and have worked internationally with various Paralympic committees to improve classification systems for individuals with SCI. I am now completing my medical training, with the goal of entering a Physiatry residency, which will uniquely position me to conduct meaningful translational research in the field of SCI.

By positioning myself on the bridge between basic and clinical science I hope to leverage my unique research skills and my clinical training to provide much needed hope to individuals with SCI by discovering new treatments and bringing them into clinical practice.