Jeff Carette - Dissertation du lauréat, 2015

Jeff Carette

Applying to university, I faced the task of selecting an engineering focus: nanotechnology and aerospace both interested me. Choosing nanotechnology would immerse me in a cutting-edge field of knowledge while allowing me to explore a vast range of potential areas of focus. Choosing aerospace would propel me into an established field which shows promise for growth, utilising advanced technology. In the end, I resolved that the field of nanotechnology presented limitless avenues to fuel my curiosity.

I enrolled in nanotechnology engineering at the University of Waterloo, where program diversity and experiential learning have offered me experience in fields ranging from metallurgy to photonics. Exposure to such an extended palette provoked an interest in material science and, while on a work placement, a guest lecture by a professor from the University of Toronto opened my eyes to its application in the aerospace industry.

UW’s nanotechnology engineering program acceptance required the university’s highest admission averages. It has subjected me to a challenging curriculum in which I have thrived. My final undergraduate work term report has been selected as an exemplar for future engineering undergraduates; my reviews from employers have been outstanding.

I now seek to combine my interests and earn a Masters of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering, specializing in advanced aerospace structures. Once gained, I look to enter the work force, seeking employment in the Canadian aerospace and defence sector. The Mensa Canada Scholarship will aid me in my journey to help innovate new ideas in the world of advanced materials.