Carly McLellan - 2013 Winning Essay

I was born and raised in northern Manitoba and throughout my life I have experienced many medical challenges facing northern persons; it is through these experiences that I decided my future career. I have always known that I wanted to become a physician due to my love of science, my fascination with the human body and my desire to help people. I have a keen knowledge about the health care issues in the north and this is the population I would like to serve.

I made my first visit to the University of Manitoba to attend faculty presentations, which strengthened my interest in a medical career. I have broadened my knowledge of the career by attending a summer camp for youth interested in healthcare, attending Discovery Days workshops at the University of Manitoba’s faculty of medicine on neurosurgery with the gamma knife and infectious diseases, and by volunteering in my community at breastfeeding, hearing screening and flu clinics.

I am an eighteen-year-old bilingual aboriginal woman and I’ve recently begun my studies at the University of Manitoba. With a combined native studies/science degree I will learn to further understand the population I intend to serve as well as prepare myself for the intensive academic requirement of medicine. I’ve had to balance work, studies, as well as the difficulty of leaving home and family. It is my dream to obtain a medical degree and when I do I intend to return to northern Manitoba to provide care where it is needed most.