Alvin Ip - Dissertation du lauréat, 2013

Alvin Ip

As a competitive athlete, I witnessed a wide range of injuries. These devastating incidents ignited a passion in me to help people with injuries and disabilities.

This desire led me to complete a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, which provided a strong background in human anatomy and physiology with applications to rehabilitation for people with disabilities. Moving into my first year of a Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of British Columbia, I continue to pursue this passion while positively impacting my community.

The highlight of my education was designing and pilot-testing a novel rehabilitation strategy to alleviate walking asymmetry in people with stroke. I presented my exciting findings at the UBC Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference and was awarded Top Oral Presenter. Subsequently, I was chosen to attend the Universitas21 Undergraduate Research Conference in Japan to showcase my research at the international level. My manuscript has been accepted for publication in the Virginia Journal of Undergraduate Research.

My greatest accomplishment was utilizing my learning to address the need for exercise that is accessible to people with disabilities. I used my kinesiology background to create the FUNdamental Skills Exercise Program in order to provide inclusive and beneficial physical activity for people with disabilities. I have overseen the program, led weekly classes, and built relationships with participants in a supportive environment.

My education and experiences are stepping stones toward my career goal, which is to restore functional ability and quality of life to people with disabilities as a physician-scientist specializing in Physiatry.