Tanaya Guha - Dissertation du lauréat, 2012

Tanaya Guha

Since childhood, I have loved jigsaw puzzles. I have found it amazing that humans can put apparently insignificant, small pieces together to build a meaningful picture. Today, I develop computer systems that mimic such intelligent human behaviour.

After completing engineering studies in India, I won a scholarship to pursue Masters degree in Computer engineering at the University of Windsor. I am currently a PhD student in the University of British Columbia, specializing in artificial intelligence. My research focuses on automatic understanding of human activities in videos, which has significant real-world applications in surveillance, medicine, sports and entertainment.

As an engineer, I am passionate about designing practical systems that can improve human lives. My work has been published in prestigious journals like IEEE PAMI and in top-rated conference proceedings. I have also been invited to review articles for scientific journals and conferences, but felt particularly honored when I was invited to write a book chapter on my research.

I take great pleasure in volunteering as an executive committee member for IEEE Women in Engineering’s Vancouver chapter. As a woman, I know the feeling of isolation or even intimidation in a male-dominated field like engineering. Our group encourages and supports women engineers and inspires young girls to become engineers.

I aspire to become a university professor after graduation. As an immigrant woman, I have faced cultural and financial challenges; nevertheless, I am confident of making a difference through my research and service to the community.