Kyla Kaun - Dissertation du lauréat, 2008

Kyla Kaun

The ceiling has been lifted and a new world has laid itself at my feet. I am a survivor of sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking. I lost my teenage years and many opportunities. I did not attend high school and as such I believed that post-secondary education was not a possibility for me. I had too much catching up to do. I did however want to matter and as such I took a job at an organization that offers support through an experiential lens to assist sex workers to exit sex work and re-enter the conventional workforce. I was an example for our clients, an example that change is possible and that there is a bigger world out there full of possibilities.

My boss was constantly pushing me to look at returning to school. So as a single mother at 31 years of age I took a chance and applied to Langara. I have never looked back. I am towards my Honours Degree in Political Science at UBC (May 08) and plan to proceed on to do a law degree. I am going to work in international human rights work around women's issues, trafficking, and violence. I am the VP of a National Coalition working on issues for sex workers, I am a member of several community action teams, steering committees, and NGO boards. I do public education in my community around sex work. I am already doing the work. I just want to be much better at it.