Era Mae Ferron - Dissertation du lauréat, 2008

Era Mae Ferron

Nurses, especially new graduates, are leaving their jobs at alarming rates. This "turnover" phenomenon affects not only the viability of the nursing profession, but the health of patients, and the quality of our healthcare system. Therefore, nurses, essential for the delivery of quality healthcare, must be retained.

As a nurse, I?m passionate about providing quality care for my patients. My dissatisfying experience in hospital nursing caused by poor working conditions prevented me from providing the care my patients deserved. This experience fuelled my desire to change nurses' work environments by pursuing my doctoral degree in Nursing Administration at the University of Toronto. In my current research work, I'm examining the determinants of graduate nurse retention, and will subsequently develop a theory to help formulate effective nurse retention strategies.

To produce quality research and theory, the foundation of my dissertation and career, I work with my supervisor on her Canadian Institute for Health Information funded project. I've also participated in an intensive statistical seminar with a leading expert in the field, preparing me to test theoretical models. Despite my publishing inexperience, I've been successful in receiving funding awarding my academic achievements, including a prestigious award from the Government of Ontario.

As a nurse, passionate about the nursing profession, my endeavours are for the achievement of my ultimate career goal: to pave the way for the development of retention strategies tailored to fit the needs of the new generation of nurses - putting an end to the nurse turnover crisis in Canada.