Lisa Weir - Dissertation du lauréat, 2006

Lisa Weir

In January of 1998, my life changed forever. I gave birth to my third child, who was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome within the first week. CHARGE syndrome is a pattern of related congenital anomalies, which include: heart defects, genitourinary abnormalities, choanal atresia, cranial nerve dysfunction, and both vision and hearing loss. The professionals and therapists who came into my life as a result of her birth are my inspiration for working towards my goal of becoming an Intinerant Teacher for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

In addition to working with my daughter, I also work with a student who is deafblind as a teacher assistant in the school system. Along with a group of parents and professionals, I helped form the first support organization for families living with CHARGE Syndrome in Canada, serving the first term as president. I am also past president of the APSEA Deaf Hard of Hearing Parent Support Group, and am current president of the District 8 Parent Support Group for Families of Children with Exceptionalities.

I began University three years ago, entering the concurrent Arts/Education program this year. The main obstacle I have encountered on this educational journey is managing a job, non-profit work, and three children while maintaining a 4.1 GPA. My future goals include: completion of my Arts and Education degrees, a graduate degree program in the Education of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and full-time employment with the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority.