Steven Lin - Dissertation du lauréat, 2004

I have always been fascinated by how the human body works. At a young age, I knew that I wanted to become a physician.

I began volunteering for St. John Ambulance, devoting my time to those requiring first aid care. My continued service (10 years) has since been recognized with the Public Duty, Grand Prior's and Toronto Crusader of the Year awards. In addition, I was invited to the United Nations National Youth Summit in 2001 to discuss policies concerning volunteerism with all levels of government.

Academically, I placed on the Dean's Honours List every year, received the Laurene Paterson and University of Western Ontario Scholarships, and graduated with my B.M.Sc.(Hon.) with Distinction in Physiology. I am currently in my first year of medical school at McGill University.

I hope to go beyond the traditional role of a physician of treating symptoms and become a clinician-scientist who finds cures for diseases. For the past 3 summers, I was fortunate to work in a laboratory at the University of Toronto. My focus was on the genetic factors in diseases such as the ever-prevalent atherosclerosis. My work earned me scholarships from St. Michael's Hospital (twice) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

I plan to finish my medical degree (M.D., C.M.) and enter an Internal Medicine residency program sub-specializing in cardiology. During this time, I hope to begin a Research Fellowship involving cardiovascular research. It would be an honour to have Mensa Canada recognize my determination and hard work to become a clinician-scientist.