Lindsey Doolittle - Dissertation du lauréat, 2004

I am three semesters away from achieving a dream I didn't know I would pursue: the dream of obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Child and Youth Care with a specialization in child protection from Malaspina University-College.

I considered myself a woman that would not pursue post-secondary education. I struggled throughout high school, struggled to make passing grades, and the thought of attending college was not realistic. My high school passion was that of drinking and drugging, a passion that quickly turned into an addiction. Addicted to chemical drugs for several years I was checked into a recovery home for women on October 5th, 2000 and I have been clean since.

I began my first year of post-secondary education in September of 2001 and I have been involved in both my college and living community ever since. I hold two elected positions at my school, I have been involved in a youth council for the past two years, and the Millennium Scholarship Foundation recently named me a National Laureate. My dream is to work with 'at-risk' children and youth. I want to give back the gift of unconditional support that has been offered to me. I want to work with the forgotten children, to work with children and youth who are at risk of not living to their full potential. I believe that my life experience will give me a great deal of empathy and acceptance of these individuals and I look forward to helping them achieve their unexplored dreams.