Heather Wrigley - Dissertation du lauréat, 2003

Heather Wrigley

My dream is to become an obstetrician/gynecologist. I'm amazed by the ability of a few undifferentiated cells to develop within a woman's body into something as complex as a new human being, and I want to guide women through that process.

The road to medical school is a long and challenging one, but I've already overcome many obstacles. I come from a poor family, and despite graduating at the top of my high-school class, attending university full-time was out of the question for me. Furthermore, nobody in my family had ever gone to university. However, I was determined, and for years I worked full-time and took university classes at night or by correspondence. I never stopped studying: during the summer, at Christmas-- even when I was working seven days a week, I was always enrolled in at least one course. Last year, with the end in sight, I began to study full-time, and I will finish my Honours B. Sc (with a major in Human Science) next June.

In addition to keeping good grades, I've also tried to improve my chances of being accepted at medical school by volunteering at both the local Children's Hospital and the Women's Health Centre. The Medical College Admissions Test is this August, and I've already started studying. If all goes well, I hope to be a first-year med student next fall! After nearly ten years of hard work, the journey will have just begun.