Sally Colwell - Dissertation du lauréat, 2003

Sally Colwell

My whole life, I've loved spending time with kids. From baby-sitting, to teaching swimming lessons, to playing with and mentoring the children of friends, to volunteering helping kids learn to read - it was and is what I love to do. At 30, I finally realized that my lifelong pleasure in the company of children, combined with my commitment to early education, could be my livelihood. I abandoned the corporate world to hit the books, and enrolled in the Child and Youth Study program (BA) at Mount Saint Vincent University. I plan to pursue a Master's degree in the same discipline.

My dream is to establish a preschool centre that focuses on gifted children. In spite of a vast body of research and growing interest in these kids, few services exist to meet their needs. I want to address this lack at the preschool level, by establishing a centre that celebrates creativity and intelligence, and where parents of gifted children can find support and access resources. My ambition is to help gifted children and their parents develop useful skills for negotiating provincial school systems that are less and less able to meet their needs.

Currently, I volunteer at a local preschool two mornings a week, hold two part-time jobs, conduct independent research, and maintain a full-time course load with excellent grades. A Mensa scholarship will assist in lightening the financial burden of education, allowing me to focus on my research on gifted preschoolers, and further immerse myself in hands-on experience.