Hyun Oh Youk - Dissertation du lauréat, 2000

Hyun Oh Youk

"If atoms jiggle around so much, how can things made up of atoms like a desk, stay so rigid?". "Quarks are known to have fractional charges. Could these quarks be found in free state in nature so we could see what the fractional charges look like?". These are just some of the questions that l ask myself daily. When people ask me how l can possibly love physics, I simply reply, "how can I not like it?". While the word "Physics" strikes terror in many students' minds, it is a beautiful music to my cars, and I'd like to pursue my love and study physics in university. Along with physics, I plan to study mathematics. That's why I applied for physics specialist and math major program at University of Toronto. After four years, l hope to enrol in a graduate school where I'll specialize in particle physics and obtain a master and Ph.D. degree in physics. Eventually, I hope to become a physics professor at a university and carry out some groundbreaking research in theoretical physics. But to help me get there, l need some financial support, I believe that Mensa Canada scholarship will really be able to help me pay for my first year university tuition fee this September.

I've always wanted to be not just a good scholar, but a top scholar. That's why I've been the top student in my grade for the past five consecutive years. Currently, my OAC average mark is 98.1%. In order to be a good scientist in the future, l knew that l couldn't just rely on my teachers. So I've also been teaching myself physics and mathematics since last year. Currently, I'm teaching myself first year university physics to prepare myself for the upcoming "Sir Isaac Newton Physics contest". It is my goal to rank first place in Canada or in the top five. I've realized my talent for science and mathematics when l first came to Canada. I'm very proud to say that just one year after I came to Canada, I was able to win a special laboratory assistant at the hospital's diagnostic imaging and biochemistry labs where l learned important laboratory techniques that will help me in the future.

I'm very confident that I'll be able to achieve all my academic and career goals that I've set for myself in the future. With the Mensa Canada scholarship, I believe that I'll be one step closer to achieving my goals.