Melinda Boswall - Mention Honorable, 2000

Melinda Boswall

At this time I am making application for the Mensa Canada Scholarship. Such financial assistance would allow me to achieve my goal of becoming a Veterinarian.

I have lived with my family on a mixed farming operation for my entire life. I enjoy the companionship, loyalty and trust that animals offer. In my future I see a "giving back" to these wonderful creatures. I hope to do this by becoming a qualified Veterinarian so I can help in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders in animals.

Currently I am in my seventh year of membership in the Dunstaffnage - Marshfield 4-H club. Membership in 4-H offers many rewards and experiences. I am involved in the Beef project. Each year it focuses on a different aspect of the health and care of beef animals. Many project requirements have to be fulfilled in order to receive a certificate of completion. These requirements include training a project animal, judging a class of animals, completion of the project book and a special project. By completing the Beef project each year, it has helped me to gain additional experience in handling and training cattle, The project book contains valuable information about the animal's anatomy and physiology.

In late June a program is offered to 4-H members enrolled in Beef and Dairy. It is sponsored by the Eastern Breeders' Association. It consists of two days of sessions on grooming, preparing the animal for show, proper showmanship techniques, and general information regarding the overall welfare of the animal.

Currently I am completing my first year of university at the University of Prince Edward Island. I have maintained an honours standing this year. This summer I will continue to work at home on the farm and also at Dairy Queen so I can gain additional experience with the public. During my second year at University I will be eligible to apply for the Doctor of Veterinary program offered by the Atlantic Veterinary College, I have already begun to prepare the application form. The Atlantic Veterinary College accepts ten students from Prince Edward Island each year. The admission process is demanding and competitive. Only the students who are qualified and indicate a dedication to a lifetime of service are selected.

My life long goal is to become a Veterinarian. My caring attitude towards animals and hard academic work will help me to achieve this goal. The Mensa Canada Scholarship would certainly be a financial asset.